Sunday, 5 March 2017

17 ufos in 2017 - February update

Hello there!
It's time for another update on the 17 ufos in 2017 project, February is such a short month isn't it?! I have also been battling bugs & migraines this month so there really wasn't a whole lot of cross stitching going on round here. Spring Fairy started the month like this...

... and has finished the month like this...

Bottom corner still to stitch then metallics to finish, backstitch (tons of!), and finally beads to go... this is staying out for another month (although I have some other stitching I need to take care of in March so we will see how much Fairy actually grows by the end of the month...)
But less stitching time in february meant more knitting time and I did manage to finish number 16 on The List - the Hermione scarf for my daughter! 

Here it is folded up on the chair waiting for her to collect it...

I am really pleased to have this one done and off the list!!! In the end I actually really enjoyed knitting it (probably a reflection on how my knitting skills have progressed in the 2 years since knitting the matching mittens for her!). Definitely breaking it up into chunks helped with the motivation & as it's knitted with DK weight yarn it is very warm & snuggly. Dear daughter certainly seemed very happy to collect it the other week :-)
Another smaller project I tackled this month was number 6 - the July table runner. Pieced last year & just needing quilted & bound it got pushed to one side by more time sensitive projects last summer. I decided to do a mix of free motion quilting & quilting other parts out with the walking foot. Here's a pic of the back so you can see the quilting easier...

I am still getting used to my new sewing machine & as the foot pedal is entirely different to my old machine it kinda feels like I'm starting over where the free motioning is concerned but I am determined I will get there!!! (My plan over the coming months is practice....practice....practice....) Here's a pic of the right side, the light has been so grey here what with all the rain this month...

The pattern is actually a Christmas one from the Winter 2014 Quilting Celebrations magazine (picture it in green & red with a white background?) and I'm hoping to do a lot more applique projects now I have my amazing fancy sewing machine! I will have to tell you all about her in a separate post sometime...
The last project off the list that I worked on in February was number 8 - the Posy layer cake quilt. Although the top was only pieced last year this quilt has been on it's way for a few years now. It all started when I fell in love with this fabric....

It's called Posy and was designed by Aneela Hooey for Moda in Spring of 2013. The little girl reading, those gorgeous little bunnies? Although (apart from the lilac) these are not my usual colors I fell fast & hard for it. That summer dear hubbie bought me a layer cake of it and in Spring of 2014 we shopped for co-ordinating fabrics at the Edinburgh Quilt Show and during our holiday in the Lake District. At that point I thought I had a quilt pattern picked out for it but actually getting started was way down the list. Fast forward two years (!) and the March/April 2016 McCall's Quilting plopped onto my doormat & I saw this Field of Stars pattern. To be honest the fabrics it's made in really aren't my cup of tea but the pattern behind? Oh yes!!! Best of all it uses 9 1/2" squares between the Ohio Stars which makes it perfect for a layer cakes' 10" squares. Also it was an easy pattern to adapt to get the size of quilt I was looking for. It was pretty quick to piece & I started in on the quilting. I used my walking foot to run diagonal lines through all the Star blocks like this...

Then I free motioned out the layer square squares and stitched in the ditch round both sides of the inner border. Then some more free motioning in the outer border...

I added the binding so it was a little more sturdy for man handling while I did some hand quilting round the stars. I picked 2 colors (pink & lilac) of perle cotton & started big stitch quilting... and then we got warm weather (well it was July!) & it was so hot sitting under this big quilt!!! Into the bag and away it went. February has been many things but hot is not one of them (!) and a little bit of hand stitching snuggled underneath a quilt seemed pretty appealing...

Gradually star by star, row by row, until one night it was finished!!!! At 84" square it is pretty much the biggest thing I can fit on the floor of my sewing room without having to start moving furniture out...

...and about 5 minutes after this pic was taken it jumped right on our bed & has been there ever since! I am SO HAPPY to have it there!!! (I am also really lucky to have a hubbie who doesn't mind sleeping under such a pink, girlie quilt!)
So two months in I have finished 7 projects off the list & 2 more projects have seen progress, I'm so glad I decided to commit to this! I'm off to see what other bloggers have finished off their lists this month at the linky page, have a great week folks!


  1. Great progress on the fairy!!! She looks stunning already.
    Superb work on the quilting too, really like the last big one that is now on your bed, looks lovely.

    1. Thank you so much Ingrid! Have a lovely week :-)

  2. The fairy is gorgeous! Love your quilting too. Hope you're feeling better....migraines are the worst.

    1. Thank you Rhona, yes feeling much better this last week :-) Thank you also for your very kind offer re Max but I have found him over here, must finish these ufo's first! Have a great week,

  3. 7 Projects Finished!!! You may have a gold star!! Great work Helen; love that star quilt, so perfect for snuggling under, and that scarf looks amazing.

    1. Hahahaha! Thank you Meredithe! I am so enjoying this, it is just the push I needed. Have a great week :-)


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