Monday, 19 June 2017

May's yarny happenings

Hello there!
We are just back from a short break away and I have a lot to share with you all! Better start with what else I got up to in May...Apart from making sure the Minions were ready on time and putting some stitches into The Wave I managed to squeeze in a few yarny projects. First off I finished knitting Hubbie's Star Trek gloves...

Now I just need to sew some conductive thread (I got mine here ) into the finger tips to make them touch screen compatible and they will be totally finished. I must admit this hit the back burner as the week I completed them a lovely spell of warm summer weather arrived!! Also I got a little distracted by this ball of loveliness that arrived through the mail...

It's a Crazy Zauberball by Schoppel Wolle from the lovely folks at Wool Warehouse and I was totally captivated by it. I snapped a quick pic of it on my phone & then divided it in half... 

Now I already had a pair of socks on the go so I should have been leaving this alone until they were finished but somehow within a few hours of it arriving I found myself casting on... The colorway is 1702 Kleiner Fuchs which is German for Little Fox and the pattern I wanted to try is the Magic Zauberball Stripe Socks pattern. I just couldn't leave these alone, I fell totally in love with the yarn (another new favorite sock yarn!) both in terms of its feel and the colors. Oh the colors!!!!!!  They are so vibrant and jewel like in this colorway - I think I will need to try some other colorways to check if this is common across zauberballs ;-). It is a long gradient yarn constructed with two different colored plies spun together which produces a beautiful mottled effect in the final fabric...

In this photo you can see basically how this sock pattern works - you knit stripes alternating between the two balls you got by splitting your original ball in half. Very simple but oh so effective!! It was quite magical watching the colors unfold and play together. I used a short row heel (great tutorial here) so as to keep the stripes going with as little interruption as possible. I think now I've done a few of these heels I actually find them easier & quicker to work than the heel flap/gusset decreases method, and am now wondering why that method is more commonly used?! So even though I was trying to put these down and work on things I was meant to be doing instead pretty soon I ended up with a new pair of socks! 

I had enough yarn left over to work in with a solid on another pair of socks but so far I have resisted starting them... I must be good - at least until I finish that other pair of socks which were neglected while I had fun with these!
On the subject of "being good" I finished joining all the squares that were already made for Ebee's Flower Square Blanket.... 

I am so enjoying the decorative join on this!

With almost half the blanket completed I gave myself permission to start a Hydrangea Blanket and worked up and down these gorgeous stripes most of the month...

As you can see I have decided to work my stripes in a totally different order to Lucy's beautiful blanket. I loved the photos in Lucy's post where the colors were arranged in a wheel and my first thought was to pick a starting point and then work continuously around the wheel. As I finished my first complete circuit of the wheel Hubbie suggested mirroring them instead, ie go once around the wheel, stop, go back all the way round in the opposite direction, stop, repeat. I loved this idea and here you can see I am just starting the fourth repeat...

The pattern is simple but very soothing to work, lovely long stripes of gentle, soft colors that result in a beautiful squooshie texture. Yup, you guessed it! My new favorite blanket pattern! Partly inspired by this meme I am being good and sewing in the ends every five or six stripes...

Forcing myself to stop and do them in small bunches will pay dividends later when I'm not faced by a whole blanketful! I am planning on doing six repeats of all the colors to get a similar sized blanket to Lucy's and I am part way up the fifth one now. I am saving the rest of this to do as my Wimbledon project when that starts in a couple of weeks and am back to making squares for Ebee's Flower Square Blanket. 
Thank you for visiting me here today, I hope you have a lovely week whatever you are up to!


  1. Lol, Gollum's quote!!
    Great gloves and love, love, love, love the hydrangea blanket!!!

    1. Thank you Ingrid :-) Lucy's blankets are lovely aren't they? Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend,

  2. You've been so busy! And I have to agree with Gollum....we hates it too!

    1. Thanks Rhona, yes it's the worst part of using lots of different colors isn't it? But being disciplined with them and not letting them build up definitely makes it easier I think... Hope you are having a lovely week,

  3. You have been busy with the yarn! Love all the stripes.


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