Monday, 11 September 2017

Naughty Knitting

Hello there!
Sorry it's been a little while since I popped in here, and thank you to everyone who left lovely comments on my last post! Way back here in January I told you about a jumper I started. Ever wonder what happened to it? It was meant to be the perfect tv knitting and for a while it was. When I reached what the pattern called "the top" of the first sleeve I realised I had a problem. Now I was good and I did a tension square before I started and I promise you I got gauge!! The sleeve fitted perfectly on my arm except - it was about 4 inches short of the armhole :o With some head scratching I managed to sort this out and knitted on... It was the middle of March when I finished it and I tried it on immediately. Sadly, although the body and sleeves fitted great, the fit of the yoke was awful, there were big bunches of extra fabric in it and I knew I would never wear it like that. I needed help. I had a little look online and then requested a book from the library. Meanwhile the jumper was stuffed back in the bag and banished upstairs. When it came the book wasn't as helpful as I'd hoped but it pointed me another direction and I ordered Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann from Amazon. I am so glad I bought this book! I've heard you either like her books or hate them as she has a very individual style but for me it's like sitting in the room with my Nan and her friends and listening to them talk about knitting. Within the first couple of chapters I had learnt so much about the whys of knitting and I know am going to be dipping in and out of this book for years. There are patterns in it too but more importantly it shows you how to make things that fit with the yarn and needles that you have, basically how to work out the math of it all.
Now I am not a big fan of math so even though I could now see my jumper problem was fixable it still sat neglected in a corner of my sewing room for another few months. After all it was not like I was wanting to wear a big thick jumper knitted in chunky yarn in May or June! But this year I am trying to finish things off before starting something new.... so while I waited for my replacement sock needles it was time to pull this jumper out ... literally!
Well not the whole thing. I did all the math, measured the jumper, picked up the stitches 4" above where the arms joined the body and ripped all the rest of the yoke back. Then I followed the decreases as laid out in the book...

I also opted to follow her directions for knitting a back elevation (so the back of the neck sits higher up than the front) which the original pattern didn't have. In the end it really didn't take that long and wasn't so scary, and now I'm kind of wondering why I put off fixing this jumper for so long! Would you like to see the finished result? 

Right now it's still a bit too warm but I'm sure in a few months this jumper is going to see a lot of wear! After finishing this and the Magical Floo Powder socks I cast on a project which I have been wanting to knit for years. Actually right from when I first picked up knitting again! I made a final decision on the colors and bought the yarn when it was on sale earlier in the year using vouchers from my dear offspring that they gave me for Mother's Day...

This is the first time I have used this yarn and oh my word!!! It is so soft! It is like knitting with a cloud or the soft fluffy tummy of a kitten and I am so looking forward to actually wearing this! I have been sneaking in knitting time on it through August whenever I could like a guilty pleasure (at the same time justifying it as "it would be nice to be able to wear it on holiday at the end of September!" although I have no idea if it will be cold enough/ too cold to wear an alpaca cardigan in Yorkshire at that point of the year!). I am very close to a finish and hopefully will have a photo to share with you in my next post... Until then I hope you have a lovely week!

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