Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Crafting on the go

Hello there!
So today I thought I would share with you the projects that I took with me on our recent trip. Usually long car journeys mean crochet for me but my current blanket is too big to sit on my lap in the car now and I am determined to finish it before starting another one! Of course it still came with me to work on at other times while we were away, this is where I had gotten to with it before we left...

I managed to add about five stripes to it while we were away so now I'm working on the last stripe of each color (I'm working six color repeats for this blanket). While I'm working on it I'm thinking about possible borders for it, I have a few in mind but no outright winner so far...
Earlier in the year I bought some patterns from Tin Can Knits and I plan to knit matching Antler Cardigans for my two grandsons for Christmas. The sleeves and bodies are pretty much plain stocking stitch which makes for perfect travel knitting so I decided to make a start on the smaller one. Being as Little C is quite a small dude this came together pretty quickly and I was soon up to the yoke where the interesting stuff happens! I worked through part of it but decided to leave the decreases for when we were home and I could concentrate more. It really didn't take long once we got back, would you like to see the finished cardigan? 

Because this was still sitting on the needles I couldn't start the one for his brother while we were away so I had taken something else with me as back up. The North Shore  sweater (also by Tin Can Knits) has been on my Ravelry favorites for a long time and this summer I decided it was time to do something about it. With the yarn and pattern bought it was sitting all ready and waiting for me. It is basically the same bottom up seamless construction as the Antler and Bergen cardigans or the Autumn in a Ball jumper. Plain knitting all the way up to the yoke and then some fun, a pretty Fair Isle pattern in this case. I picked a similar main color and one of the contrast colors as in the original but three different colors for the other contrasts (I'm going for autumn trees). Although it will be a while till I'm up to the yoke! While we were away I knitted the two sleeves and made a start on the body... 

Now we are home I'm trying to concentrate on projects which have a deadline (ie Christmas) in an effort to take the pressure off November and December. Well that's the theory, I'll let you know how that works out in practice! So far I have succumbed to the temptation of starting two of the patterns I bought at Yarndale - and neither of them are Christmas related!! Well I hope you have a lovely week whatever you are working on, I plan to be back here soon with a few more photos from our travels.


  1. Great work and progress!
    I love the colourful blanket :)

    1. Thanks Ingrid! I am really enjoying the colors in the blanket too :-) Hope all is good with you? Have a great week,


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