Friday, 13 October 2017

Exploring Yorkshire - part one

Hello there!
Today I want to share with you some of the other sights and sounds from our recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales. I had hoped to fit this all into one post but it turns out I have way too many photos for that! It's a part of the UK which I have never explored before and it turned out to be a very pretty and interesting area with lots to do. I think we will have to go back...
The Leeds and Liverpool Canal runs through Skipton (where we were staying) and we had taken our bikes with us so one morning we decided to follow the towpath for a little ways...

There were a lot more boats on the water than I had expected, many with interesting or funny names. We were too busy riding to take a lot of photos but I had to stop and snap a pic of this one...

The green, red, and gold paintwork seemed very in keeping with Middle Earth too :-) Apart from ducks and boats we passed swans at several places and even one cow standing in the water! The countryside was very pretty...

It was quite relaxing as there was no traffic to deal with and only the occasional walker or jogger to greet on the path...

 We came across quite a few locks...

...and wee stone bridges...

...and ended up going a bit further than we had planned!

The weather had also started brightening up and if we had taken a flask of coffee with us we probably would've have gone even further. On the way back we explored one of the little villages we had passed through earlier so by the time we got back to Skipton we had ridden 16 miles - definitely time for a cuppa! Later that day we walked up past Skipton Castle to explore Skipton Castle WoodsIt was very pretty with the early autumn colors glowing in the dappled sunshine...

The following day we decided to explore in nearby Malhamdale and picked a circular walk from Malham village leaving by a traditional stone clapper bridge...

The path crossed open fields before heading back into some pretty woodland and finding water once again. I loved the undulating shapes of these branches!

We followed the stream up to Janet's Foss a waterfall behind which a Faerie Queen (Janet) lived according to local legend...

We continued up the path to Gordale Scar which is one of those places where the scale of the landscape is hard to capture on a camera. The limestone cliffs really tower over you!!

You could see the effects of the dry summers this part of the world has been having recently, the waterfalls were noisy but you could see the path the water takes when they are full. 

Even so I did not fancy taking the path which continues up next to the waterfalls to the top of the cliff! This sign made me chuckle - is this an example of Yorkshire humor?!

We retraced our steps to the road and then took the alternative path up the hillside. We were heading for Malham Cove, a place I have wanted to visit for quite a while because it has inspired many works of art and literature over the years and, more recently, has been used in various films.  At the top of the cliff is an area of limestone pavement which was used in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one and after a steady climb we caught our first glimpse of it...

Some of the rock fractures looked like the bones of giant creatures, you can see my foot at the side of this photo for scale!

Even in this windswept rocky environment plant life is fighting to emerge!

The view from the top out over the valley was amazing...

...and we decided to have our picnic lunch at this spot...

Then it was time to descend the steps on the other side, I think this must be the Year of the Stone Steps for me!

Thankfully these were much easier to navigate than the steps on Ben Wyvis (for one thing none of them moved underfoot!). At the bottom we spotted Malham Beck rising from the caves beneath the cliff...

The path followed the beck for a little ways through some beautiful countryside, looking back was pretty stunning too!

We walked down into the village of Malham where we had left the car. I loved seeing this old signpost as I remember signposts like this in the village where I grew up!  

Well I hope you have enjoyed this little trip around the Yorkshire Dales with me and will have a lovely weekend whatever you are up to!


  1. Absolutely stunning views and photography. Thanks for taking us on your journey with you!

    1. Thanks Andrea! It's nice to be able to travel round the world through our computers isn't it? Have a great week,

  2. Lovely photos Helen. It is an amazingly beautiful part of the country.

    1. Thanks Sally, yes it was a very pretty holiday destination with lots to see and do. Have a great week,

  3. Wow Helen what a wonderful trip and lots of hiking wish I could still do it, the last hiking i did was in Austria around 5 years ago when we went skiing. That is one thing I miss is hiking. I Have to do armchair hiking now but as there are so many beautiful blogs that share their hiking I get to see even more places than I would have doing it myself so thanks for all the photo's that little cottage with the stone bridge is such a classical shot would love to see that in real life.
    Cheers Glenda

    1. Hi Glenda! I bet Austria was amazing! I have never made it that far into Europe...yet... lol It is definitely a bonus of our bloggy community that we get to see far off places that we would never get to explore otherwise. Have a great week,


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