Wednesday, 15 November 2017

17 ufos in 2017 - October update

Hello there!
Due to internet problems experienced by Meredithe, our organiser, this month's 17 ufos in 2017 update is running late, but better late than never! In October I worked on three of my ufo projects off the Revised List. Firstly I finished number 4, the Yo-Yo Pumpkin. We named him Jack and here he is hanging out with some pumpkin friends...

The little yellow gourd is one of two that we managed to grow here this year (I really think this will be my last attempt at growing gourds and pumpkins while we live here as they really struggle with our climate, I can keep them warm but I can't make the sun shine for them!!). The white (ghost) pumpkin is named Casper and he was bought last year a couple weeks before Halloween. We were not long back from the States and I used a sticker from Joann's to decorate him, wondering whether I would manage to peel it off to reuse when the pumpkin died. Well he has sat either on this little table in front of the window or on the floor all year. Every few days I turn him upside down to check he's not going squishy underneath and I was really surprised when he was still firm at Christmas! Then he made Easter... he was still going strong when June arrived (which led to a perplexed 5 year old asking "Gran why do you have a pumpkin in the front room?" LOL!!!) and now he has made it to his second Halloween!! I have no clue why this ordinary pumpkin is still on the go! I don't imagine he would still be good to eat but, having shared a year with him, that would seem a bit like eating one of the family now ;-) 
The second ufo I worked on this month was the stocking for the aforementioned grandson. Here is where I had gotten up to by months' end...

I am very hopeful I will see a finish on this this month!! I'm not even dreading what I think will be about a week's worth of back stitch because I am so excited to get this done! Of course next year I will need to get moving on a stocking for his little brother... 
Said little brother has a birthday in November and number 6 on the list is an amigurumi that I started for his birthday last year...

I decided I really should pull this out and decide whether or not I was still going to finish this as I had been having some issues with the pattern and was not that happy with it (which is why it got banished to the cupboard last year). This is where I had gotten up to...

While I am still not totally happy with it I decided I would persevere. I finished his body, reworked part of the leg pattern as there is a mistake in the book, and made his arms. Now he just needs ears, a tail, nose, two cheeks, and all sewn together so that has been my priority for the start of this month. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that there are no more mistakes in the pattern!! 
If I can get the lion and the stocking finished this month then that will leave me with 5 ufos (although that includes number 9 on the list which has seen substantial progress this year). At this point I am planning on carrying number 9 (The Wave cross stitch) and number 2 (the dratted Popcorn cross stitch ;-)) over to next year and am hoping to still finish the other three ufos by December 31. That is if I can stay focused and away from temptation!!!!
Thank you for visiting with me today, do pop over to The Linky to see what everyone else has been working on through October! 


  1. Hi Helen your Christmas is so so lovely and so much work, it takes for ever to just do and inch. Great Halloween photo you sure made a stunning display some one had lots of fun. I think Sunny lion is worth all the work, he will be loved for sure so keep going LOL. Cheers Glenda

    1. Hi Glenda! Thank you so much for your sweet comments! Yes, cross stitch is very time consuming and sometimes on a large project it's hard to feel like you're getting anywhere - which is one big reason for documenting it on a blog! I used to work in retail and loved creating the displays for each promotion in the store, I guess now I channel that into creating seasonal decorations in our home! Have a great week :-)

  2. A nice mixture of projects, the white pumpkin is doing well but the yellow gourd could be a satsuma!
    The stocking is looking really good as will the lion wehen you sort his issue out!

    1. Hi Jo, yes the gourd definitely belongs more with satsumas than with pumpkins lol next year I will use the garden space for something productive like cabbages which I know will grow here! Thank you, I am slowly winning with the stocking and am thankful that I didn't tackle the lion when I was new to amigurumis! Have a lovely week,


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