Wednesday, 24 January 2018

So far...

Hello there!
So far January 2018 has been rather lovely. The days have been full and I'm not really too sure how we are nearly to February already (!) but in amongst it all Hubbie and I have fitted in a walk just about every day, breathing in cold crisp air and enjoying some beautiful sunsets...

This is down at the ferry point in Dingwall near the beginning of the month when we had very heavy frosts and the snow was all up in the hills. This next photo was a few days later looking across to Ben Wyvis from one of our favorite walks in Strathpeffer...

Our daylight hours are getting noticeably longer, it is no longer a race to get out and walk before the darkness descends on the days Hubbie is working, but we are still treated to some beautiful light as the sun starts to sink around 3.30pm. This next photo was taken on the outskirts on Dingwall looking across the fields to a very snowy Ben Wyvis on Saturday...

Inspired by the beautiful soft colors of winter I finished my crocheted winter wreath...

The main inspiration along with patterns for the hellebores, pine cones, and some of the leaves can be found here at Attic24. I also made some mistletoe leaves from this book and made up some simple berries of my own. I added some glittery silver sparkly bits from a couple of Christmas picks bought in the sales for a few pennies and cut apart. I was really surprised how quickly this all came together, usually wreaths take me a lot longer! But I really enjoyed making this one which is now hanging in the hall on the hard-to-get-a-decent-photo-of glass door...

Last week we had our third snowfall of the winter and Tuesday saw us out in these woods enjoying the beauty of the changes it brought to some familiar views...

I was especially happy as the night before I finished my new scarf!

This is Palindrome a reversible cable scarf knit in some worsted weight yarn I bought in Hobby Lobby a few years back. I used the full two balls of the sparkly variegated yarn (which is refusing to reveal its' true rich colors on camera) along with some of the dark brown and the squooshiness of these cables is just heavenly! I think I have finally found my perfect scarf, wide enough and long enough to wrap up in when the wind starts to bite and easy to adjust when I warm up and it's not snowing in my face! Here it is in action that first morning...

My younger son snapped this on his phone during our walk, he was up for a few days last week just before his birthday (I think I am going to ban them from having any more birthdays now, saying my youngest is now 23 is making me feel old!!). After finishing the scarf I cast on a new hat, this is Pleiades from the gorgeous Stranded Knits book by Ann Kingstone that I bought at Yarndale last year...

I thoroughly enjoyed knitting it and I love the pattern but shapewise? The search for my perfect hat continues... It is lovely and warm though so, while it's not particularly flattering on me, it will get used as long as our weather does things like this...

There is a pond under all that snow and ice! This was taken Sunday and before long it was snowing again. Unfortunately later on it turned to rain and today the beautiful crisp snow has been replaced by soggy mud, heavy rain, and weather warnings for flooding and 50-80 mph winds! Maybe a day for staying in and stitching?! I have made a start on the advent calendar for Little C...

...and there has been some other stitchy stuff going on around here but I think that needs to wait for my next post. Thank you for visiting me here today, I hope you are keeping warm and dry wherever you are!


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    1. Thanks Aunt Nancy! Hope all is good with you and the family? Sending hugs xox

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    1. Thanks Ingrid! Hope all is good with you and yours? Did you stop blogging? I miss your updates! Have a lovely week,

  3. Oh Helen, you're making me homesick with all these beautiful pictures! :) The snow makes the landscape even more beautiful. Love your crochet wreath too.....such pretty colours.
    I agree with you about the kids not having any more birthdays.....mine are getting too old for me to pretend that I'm still young!

    1. Oh I'm sorry Rhona! We had a thaw and all the snow vanished, now it's spent the last two days with wind howling down the chimney and sleet sliding down the windows - still miss it? lol Hope you're enjoying better weather? I love playing with my yarn pegs because you can come up with some really lovely color schemes :-) I think we are still young as long as we are playing with yarn, floss, and colors no matter what anyone else might think ;-) Have a lovely week,

  4. What beautiful photos of where you live. I envy you of the beautiful snow. So far this year we’ve just had a little bit and it soon turned to rain.

    Love your scarf and hat and your winter wreath. They are all so pretty.

    Oh I definitely agree with you on the kids not having anymore birthdays. My youngest is also 23!

    1. Hi Sally, thank you for your comments! Yes we are very lucky to live in such a lovely area, this is the snowiest winter we have had in a while and we are thoroughly enjoying it (it certainly beats the more usual rain!). I think if the kids are determined to have more birthdays they have to lose the number and just have "a birthday" - it doesn't seem 5 minutes since we were in our twenties does it?! Have a great week,


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